Apr 16, 20

Beauty Tips

Are dry shampoos harmful to the hair?

Fans of Batiste dry shampoos for years, I have used it weekly since their discovery! Thanks to these products I was able to stop washing my hair every day and go to shampoo every other day using dry shampoo on the second day of course and washing it the same evening. But then, I started to lose an astronomical amount of hair, to the point of worrying about it seriously. I asked the hairdresser for his opinion on the question and the answer is "no, normally dry shampoos are not harmful to our hair".

My boyfriend meanwhile (far from the hair universe!) Had a completely different opinion on the issue and advised me to stop using as much and see the results. It was then that I created my own homemade dry shampoo because it was out of the question to do without it!

Is the use of dry shampoo harmful for our hair?

After thinking about and analyzing the composition of Batiste dry shampoos, I think that too frequent use can indeed harm your scalp and hair. We must not forget that it is a propellant that we spray on our hair. The composition also has 3 (butane, isobutane, and propane) and the product composition analysis site "The truth about cosmetics" classes them in the components "satisfying" even the harmful component. Add to these two components classified as "fair" and it is a detangling chemical. The only flawless component is of vegetable origin and allows to take care of the skin (see green guy).

Result after stopping the Batiste dry shampoo?

When I stopped using Batiste dry shampoos for several weeks, I could see that my hair fell less. I was really overusing it (every other day) and it had repercussions on my hair, which resulted in an excessive loss. Today, I use my homemade natural dry shampoo and I only use Batiste once a week maximum, to finish the stock of bottle that I had made before opening my eyes.

I took the Batiste brand as an example because it is the one I use, but I warn you against all dry shampoos. Have a light hand and occasional use.

For those who really cannot do without it, I invite you to mix a little cornstarch and unsweetened cocoa for an equally effective result! My goal is absolutely not to blame the brand of Batiste dry shampoo but only to tell you about my experience regarding my excessive use of these products. I have tried to find an answer to this question many times but no one has ever given me a clear answer and I sincerely think it depends on how it is used.